Friday, 3 February 2012

Verse 71


Knowing that you don’t know is true knowledge.
Presuming that you know is a disease.
Only by recognising that you have an illness
can you move to seek a cure.

The Master is her own physician.
She sees her illnesses and treats them.
Having healed herself of all knowing
she is thus truly whole.

Having spent many years trying to learn all I could about the nature of life, death and reality, I eventually came to a humbling – and frankly quite devastating – realisation. There’s actually very little we truly can know.
All knowledge is of the world of the 10,000 things, which is to say, the manifested world of forms and objects. True knowledge of that which lies beyond form is impossible, because it is beyond the mind and beyond every thought, belief and concept we can endeavour to clothe it in.

Yet, for those that have gone within and deigned to look beneath the surface, we know it is there. It has to be there! For we know that we are here, as an expression of it. Beyond our certainty that it exists because we exist, it is all a great mystery.

The Master delights in the mystery. She may offer pointers to help others become aware of it also, but she has given up trying to explain the inexplainable or fathom the unfathomable. She uses her energy more wisely than that, and that is why it can be said she is truly whole.

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